Many of the dangers posed to young children will also be problems for pets. Additionally, consider the following:-


Insect bite reactions

The initial swelling and pain can progress to difficulties breathing. Delayed reactions can occur, so veterinary attention should be sought as soon as possible.


Toxicities and Poisons

Includes chemical poisons, snail bait, rat bait, detergents and cleaners, human medications, lead from sinkers / curtain weights / lead shot / old paint, chocolate, onions, garlic and many fruits and plants (see 'Toxicities').


Christmas celebrations

Potential hazards include electrocution from power cords or tree lights; poisoning from uncooked alcohol-containing puddings or nuts; intestinal obstructions from eating decorations, netting from ham or kebab skewers; pancreatitis from eating left-over ham or turkey.


Heat Stroke

Excessive heat causes continuous panting, agitation, weakness and collapse. Cover your pet with wet towels and seek immediate veterinary attention. Avoid heat stroke by keeping animals inside on hot days with fans, water mist sprays or air-conditioning, and ensuring an adequate supply of fresh cool water (consider adding ice cubes to a water bowl).